About our Clinic and Staff

A Team that Care

We are very proud of our highly skilled surgical and administrative staff who work hard each day to ensure every patients’ experience is excellent from start to finish. At our practice, we want you to feel comfortable, and we want to establish a positive relationship with all of our patients.

Our staff works hard to keep your wait time as short as possible by scheduling based on your personal needs and routines

What makes us different?

We make sure that our office is pristine and comfortable every time you visit so that you can feel more at ease. To make sure you experience as little discomfort as possible and are relaxed, we offer a variety of anesthesia options. After your procedure, our staff makes sure you’re educated and provides detailed instructions to ensure a smooth and quick recovery on a person to person basis.

Our Surgical Coordinators

Our Surgical Coordinators will work with you from the beginning to the end of your procedure.

Any questions like: Pricing of procedures like Liposuction , Breast Augmentation Before and After, Tummy tuck Before and After, BBL before and After and much more information can be crucial to make up your mind about the right procedure, the result you want to achieve and what to expect.

​No question is small or big, our Team is always ready to answer and clarify any doubts you may have at Venus Cosmetic Surgery.