As our skin matures, the underlying youthful fullness gives way to noticeable creases and folds that cause us to appear tired and older than we feel.

Also, acne breakouts can leave deep scars that can detract from an otherwise smooth complexion. At Venus Cosmetic Surgery, we use a variety of injectable fillers to restore a more youthful look.




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What are the most common treatments?

The most common areas to be treated with facial fillers are:

  • LIPS AND BARCODE: allows you to redefine and design lip contouring, in addition to increasing its thickness or eversion.
  • RHINOMODELING: allows you to camouflage small aesthetic defects in the shape of the nose, without having to undergo surgery.
  • NASOGENIAN FURVES: by filling the nasolabial fold itself or improving the volume of the cheekbone, it is possible to soften grooves marked by age.
  • MANDIBULAR CONTOUR and CHIN: through localized augmentation on the chin or by retightening the mandibular contour we can redefine the shape and harmonize the face again.
  • CHEEKBULS: through localized infiltrations in the malar area, we restore the triangularity of the face and create a more defined and feminine profile.
  • MASCULINIZATION OF THE JAW: it is possible to mark the angles of the jaw, as well as the chin to achieve more masculine facial angles.
  • PLATISMAL BANDS OF THE NECK: through the infiltration of botulinum toxin and subsequent infiltration of fillers, we achieve a more youthful appearance of the neck.
  • STATIC WRINKLE FILLER: choosing in each case the specific product for each area.